Established in 1993 and officially accredited by the federal government, the CREUSOT LANGUAGE SCHOOL has developed a variety of language training programmes in both French and in English.

Official supplier of the Canada School of Public Service since 2003.

The CREUSOT LANGUAGE SCHOOL is at the leading edge in the field of quality language training in the National Capital Region, providing full-time and part-time classes to over 3000 students a year, at its training center and in the work place.

Our mission is to provide French and English adapted programmes to the specific needs of our clients:

  • Federal and provincial government employees

  • Business employees

  • General public

The CREUSOT LANGUAGE SCHOOL team includes more than 80 teachers and pedagogical advisors who oversee the quality assurance, progress, success and satisfaction of the learner on a continuous basis.

Since teaching is a fundamental part of learning, the school employs only instructors who have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, as well as a wealth of experience in second language training.

The teaching approach of the CREUSOT LANGUAGE SCHOOL is based on principles that have been proven to be effective in the field of adult learning.

Our classes take into account:
  • the objectives, expectations and interests of the student
  • the time allocated to learning
  • learning style
  • age, personality and adult-related issues
  • the ability to remember, the pace at which one learns, as well as the problems relating to individual cognitive ability

In addition, we offer a variety of classes (group, private, part-time or full-time), flexible programs, a complete needs-assessment of the learner, and teachers who know how to motivate and assist learners in reaching their goals.